Roger B. Cruser, CPA opened an office in Oxnard, California in February 1965 in partnership with another CPA. Mr. Cruser was personally responsible for developing a firm that by 1987 included three other partners. As the senior member of that firm, Mr. Cruser provided a broad range of accounting services to a large number of clients, in addition to having primary responsibility for firm administration.

       In 1987, as federal and state tax laws and regulations increased in complexity, Mr. Cruser realized that he was not able to devote as much personalized time to solving specific problems for certain long-time clients. It was with this thought in mind in 1988 that Cruser Accountancy was formed to branch out and provide more specialized services to a limited number of clients.

        In 2002 Cruser Accountancy merged its client base into the Oxnard office of small national CPA firm to provide a broader scope of services and insure for a smooth continuation should something happen to Roger B. Cruser.

        In the fall of 2005 Mr. Cruser moved to Merced, CA to pursue non-accounting interests.  The majority of long-time CPA clients contacted him shortly thereafter insisting on a return to the old personalized services some had enjoyed for thirty plus years and not available with a larger firm.  Mr. Cruser assumed his long term CPA relationship with four long-time family groups and continues to serve them as of June, 2021.